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e-Learning: Agile project management

Agile project management – Navigate your team into the future!

Enter the dynamic world of agile project management! This course lifts you out of outdated “waterfall” thinking and catapults you into agile spheres. We make the complex topics accessible and exciting with crisp explanatory films. Learn how “agile values” and “agile principles” set the tone for revolutionary work. Ready to take the next step? You will have the chance to critically reflect on and adapt your way of working. Finally, we will give you an all-round package for the implementation of your first agile project.


Are you a manager, team member or project manager with a penchant for agility? Or simply curious about how agile project management can revolutionize your work? Then this course is your ticket to an agile future!

Agility, Project Management

Total duration: 70 minutes


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Competencies that are developed

  • Rapid intuition for situations
  • Customer in focus, always
  • Mindset of agility
  • Master of continuous improvement
  • Navigate unerringly
  • Network like a pro

Learning objectives of the e-learning

  • Deciphering the agile secrets and basics
  • Discover why agility is more than just a buzzword
  • Define your own values and principles for the agile context
  • Understand the process of an agile project from A to Z
  • Identify potential fields of application for agility in your own environment

Methods in e-learning

  • Moderated videos
  • Learning questions
  • Real-world exercises
  • Interactive elements
  • Transfer tasks
  • Key messages and
  • knowledge quiz