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e-Learning: Leading hybrid teams

Leading hybrid teams – The guide for the new world of work!

Welcome to the age of hybrid teams! Corona has brought the office home – at least partially. This course is your ticket to forward-thinking team leadership that combines the best of both worlds. Learn how to create clear rules and fair conditions for both colleagues in the office and those working from home. We delve deeper into topics such as hybrid team meetings, team cohesion and balancing individual needs – so that your team grows closer together despite physical separation.


Are you a manager in a team that works both in the office and remotely? Whether you’re an experienced manager getting used to the hybrid model or new to the leadership role, this course is your key to balanced and effective team leadership.

Leadership, Virtual, Hybrid

Total duration : 90 minutes


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Competencies that are developed

  • Leadership redefined
  • Appreciation in every situation
  • Transparency as the DNA of the team
  • Rocking goals together
  • Creating a flexible framework for action
  • Supporting instead of directing

Learning objectives of the e-learning

  • Develop clear rules for hybrid collaboration
  • Recognizing the limits and opportunities of hybrid working
  • Design inclusive, effective team meetings
  • Promote team spirit - no matter where your team is located
  • Fairness and empathy as the basis for individual needs
  • Setting an example of how hybrid working really works

Methods in e-learning

  • Moderated videos
  • Learning questions
  • Real-world exercises
  • Interactive elements
  • Transfer tasks
  • Key messages and
  • knowledge quiz