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e-Learning: Motivating employees

Boost Your Team – Master the art of employee motivation

Why is Anna hiding behind her desk and why is Tom reluctant to show initiative? Embark on an exciting mission to unravel the heart and soul of your team! In this e-learning course, we will crack the puzzle of employee motivation together. We will focus on the magic of competence conviction. This is how you get your team to move mountains – because they can and because they want to!


New to leadership? Or an experienced captain? For all managers who want to get their team performing at their best.

Leadership, communication, motivation

Total duration: 80 minutes


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Competencies that are developed

  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Master of motivation
  • Support queen/king in the office
  • Relationship management professional

Learning objectives of the e-Learning

  • Demystify motivation: More than just carrots and sticks.
  • Recognize demotivation traps and skilfully avoid them.
  • How to use tasks to make your team members shine.
  • Individual incentives: Because every person is unique.
  • Your toolbox for sustainable employee motivation.

Methods in e-learning

  • Moderated videos
  • Learning questions
  • Real-world exercises
  • Interactive elements
  • Transfer tasks
  • Key messages and
  • knowledge quiz