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e-Learning: Situational leadership 2.0 – Lead your team to success

Situational leadership 2.0 – Lead your team to success

Are you stuck in a leadership cul-de-sac? Situational Leadership 2.0 is your game changer! Become a tactician in the leadership jungle. Master four leadership styles: from “boss mode” to “mentor melody.” Learn how to not only measure the maturity level of your team, but also master it.


Executives at the limit of their abilities and newcomers who not only know the term “maturity level”, but want to rock it.

Leadership, leadership styles

Total duration: 50 minutes


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Competencies that are developed

    • Team insights: Knowing what's going on
    • Motivational magic: Ignite energy
    • Skills support: promoting talent
    • Feedback finesse: Speak plainly
    • Management mastery: keeping teams on track

Learning objectives of the e-learning

    • Apply "situational leadership" in real life, not just in theory
    • Scan team maturity levels like a pro
    • Your leadership style: as flexible as a Swiss army knife
    • Demotivated talents? Back in the game!
    • New ones in the team? Protect them from burnout!
    • High performers? Give them the space they deserve!

Methods in e-learning

    • Moderated videos
    • Learning questions
    • Real-world exercises
    • Interactive elements
    • Transfer tasks
    • Key messages and
    • knowledge quiz