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e-Learning: Stress management

Stress management 2.0 – master your everyday life like a pro!

An abundant life – but also an abundance of stress? Stress is like salt: a little revitalizes the taste of life, too much is bad for your health. Immerse yourself in this e-learning that offers far more than just theory. We’ll show you how to see stress as your “ally” instead of “enemy” and how to master it! Turn stress into your superpower. From the latest techniques for self-regulation to science-based approaches to resilience – this program is your 360° life preserver in the sea of daily challenges.


Do you feel stressed? Are you a manager or an employee who feels the pressure and wants to regain control? This course is your path to a healthier and more productive self.

Stress management, self-organization

Total dutration: 70 minutes


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Competencies that are developed

  • Situational genius: analysis under pressure
  • Master of stress management
  • Decision-maker with responsibility
  • Self-criticism as a superpower
  • Resilience as a lifestyle

Learning objectives of the e-learning

  • Understanding stress as a phenomenon and transforming it productively
  • Expose and control stressors and amplifiers
  • Becoming an everyday hero in dealing with stress
  • Mastering constructive techniques for stressful moments

Methods in e-learning

  • Moderated videos
  • Learning questions
  • Real-world exercises
  • Interactive elements
  • Transfer tasks
  • Key messages and
  • knowledge quiz