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e-Learning: The leader as coach

Leadership rethought – become the coach of your team!

Have you ever thought about the fact that being a leader doesn’t mean being a drill instructor? Discover how you can transform from boss to coach! This interactive e-learning takes you on a journey through the exciting world of the coaching style in leadership. Why? Because coaching not only strengthens your teams, but also your business! In a world that is spinning faster than ever before, your teams need not only instructions, but also impulses, inspiration and individual support. Discover tried-and-tested models such as the GROW model and set new benchmarks in Leadership 2.0.


Are you a modern manager who wants to do more than just give orders? If you really want to lead your teams to success, then this course is your next career step.

Leadership, coaching, leadership styles

Total duration: 50 minutes


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Competencies that are developed

  • Understanding and using team dynamics
  • Promoting employees as coaches
  • Establish a culture of trust
  • Making emotionally intelligent decisions
  • Support as a leadership quality
  • Feedback as a growth tool

Learning objectives of the e-learning

  • Understand the subtleties between traditional leadership style and coaching style
  • Utilize the power of coaching in everyday leadership
  • Choosing the right leadership approach depending on the situation
  • Master the "must-have" skills for effective coaching
  • Master the GROW model for goal-oriented conversations

Methods in e-learning

  • Moderated videos
  • Learning questions
  • Real-world exercises
  • Interactive elements
  • Transfer tasks
  • Key messages and
  • knowledge quiz