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LUXX Profile

The profile

The LUXXprofile is the latest personality diagnostic tool on the German market. It is based on research at the Chair of Personality Diagnostics at the University of Luxembourg.

The scientifically validated, distinct 16 life motives and their characteristics reveal what a person strives for as well as what is really important to them.

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LUXXprofile in business

The LUXXprofile in the business sector

The LUXXprofile is used in all situations where the objective is to increase human performance and the life satisfaction of employees. It can be used as a methodical tool for end-to-end personnel development. Or it can support individual areas within HR management.

LUXXprofile is particularly suitable for professional use in the following areas:

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LUXXprofile in coaching

The LUXXprofile creates an ideal platform for advisors, trainers and coaches in their work with clients. It is used wherever the goal is to obtain clarity about the existing personal potentials and to develop them.

Equipped with an awareness of one’s own personality, dealing with challenges, crises and conflicts becomes easier. Potentials are developed and performance can be achieved over the long term. Applications for the LUXXprofile in this area include:

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How to obtain your LUXXprofile

Simple implementation and powerful effect

The LUXXprofile method is performed in three steps. First you complete the LUXXprofile test through online access. The responses are analyzed immediately after completion of the questionnaire and condensed into a personality profile.

This provides information as to how intense your life motives are. The LUXXprofile Master explains the findings from your individual profile in a personal evaluation discussion.


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