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Webinar: Basics of Leadership – Compact

Success through leadership in a compact form! Get an intensive insight into the key competencies of modern leadership in just one day. Combine tried-and-tested techniques with innovative knowledge and seize the opportunity to unleash your leadership potential with precision.

Target group

Ideal for new and established leaders as well as team managers looking to refresh and deepen their leadership knowledge in a compact format. Particularly suitable for those wanting to efficiently expand their leadership role with the latest insights.

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Competences which will be developed

  • Core of Leadership: Discussion about modern leadership approaches and the future of leadership.
  • Leadership Style and Situational Leadership: Work on finding your own style and adapting it to various situations.
  • Cross-Generational Leadership: Recognize the needs of different generations and learn how to promote effective collaboration.
  • Goals and Communication: Learn how to set clear goals, communicate them, and motivate your team to achieve these goals.
  • Feedback and Decision-Making: Gain insights into the art of giving feedback and learn how to communicate decisions clearly and competently.

Learning objectives

  • Decode how your mindset shapes actions
  • Learn why constant mindset renewal is crucial
  • Uncover your own mindset and that of your team
  • Drive agile transformation within your organization


Develop into a leadership personality who leads with empathy and clarity in an intensive day. Gain a compact overview of the essential aspects of modern leadership and learn how to lead your team efficiently and with a clear focus.