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Leading with empathy

The ability to lead empathically is a so-called supreme discipline in leadership. If leaders succeed in leading their team with appreciation and trust in their daily work, they will be able to win over their employees more easily. With empathy, leaders not only take other people with them – they can also understand them better and put themselves in their position. As a result, they create a working atmosphere in which their team feels valued and consequently comfortable. This has a positive effect on every conversation and not least on your persuasiveness as a leader. Those who show empathy and attentiveness in their dealings with other people can also better assess their counterparts and thus avoid the negative consequences of misjudgements. But empathic leadership has to be learned. In this webinar, leaders will learn how to better perceive other people’s emotions and understand their motives more easily. Based on this understanding, they will be more confident in deriving appropriate courses of action.

Grupo objetivo

Leaders who want to learn how to lead appropriately and purposefully even in challenging situations; leaders who want to develop their emotional and social competencies and use them successfully in dealing with their employees and colleagues.

Seminars and Webinars in EnglishDuración total: 3,5 hours Reservar


  • Valuing employees
  • Working in a team
  •  Acting with fairness and integrity
  • Show confidence and prudence
  • Allow mistakes

Objetivos de aprendizaje

  • Understand how the demands on leadership are currently changing
  • Understand what empathy means
  • Recognise the benefits of empathic leadership, but also the challenges associated with it.
  • Reflect on your own leadership style and how you interact with others
  • To be able to perceive other people better, to empathise with them and to be emotionally attuned to them.
  • Better understanding people and their communication, their personality and their motives
  •  Acting more empathically and meeting people where they are.


Our webinars are structured in thematic stations and 100% interactive. Besides short impulses from the trainers, the trainers guide the participants through the stations and work on concrete topics of the participants. Involvement and empowerment are the basis of our webinars.