Arguing benefits

Benefits do not depend on the product; it depends on the user. Because knowledge of the buying motive is fundamental to benefit argumentation, the webinar „Arguing Benefits“ presents the four most important buying intentions – security, recognition, profit and convenience – and visualises their recognition and the appropriate response. Building on this, participants learn the five-step technique of benefit argumentation. Realistic examples show how an individual benefit argumentation can look like.


Salespersons; field sales force; sales staff; inside sales; key account managers

Seminars and Webinars in EnglishGesamtdauer: 3,5 hours Jetzt Buchen


  • Arguing benefits
  • Acting in a customer-oriented way
  • Informing others
  • Showing confidence


  • Be able to distinguish between product features and customer benefits
  • Know and recognise the most important buying motives
  • Master the „5 steps of benefit argumentation
  • Develop an individual benefit argumentation


Our webinars are structured in thematic stations and 100% interactive. Besides short impulses from the trainers, the trainers guide the participants through the stations and work on concrete topics of the participants. Involvement and empowerment are the basis of our webinars.