Basics of Leadership

In our class “Basics of Leadership” we work together to develop and train the success factors of a result- and employee-oriented leadership style. In addition, new ideas are immediately tried out with individual situations from practice. In other words: the practical phases give you the opportunity to directly apply what you have learned in your professional practice and to internalize new behaviors.

You can also acquire the necessary tools for being a good leader. During these days, you will above all develop the most important skills for entering management, lay the foundation for conscious and convincing leadership behaviour and deal with the most important management tasks. Experience three diversified days around the topic “Basics of leadership”.

Ziele und Zielgruppe

This class is aimed at managers who want to develop themselves and their personal leadership style and achieve more security in leadership, or who are completely new to the leadership role. This training is also developed for employees who change from the role of a colleague to that of a superior and for employees who lead their teams across locations.

The aim of the class is to increase efficiency and professionalism in the personal development process to a strong and at the same time balanced leadership personality, which leads in a modern, result-oriented and appreciative way.

Seminars and Webinars in English Jetzt Buchen


The importance of leadership today

  • The importance of leadership today and tomorrow
  • Develop your own management style
  • Situational leadership and other modern leadership approaches

Cooperation of several generations

  • Cooperation with several generations – from baby boomers to generation Y and Z
  • Awareness of the role of expert, strategist and visionary

Tasks of the manager

  • The most important tasks as a manager
  • Finding goals together and ensuring goal achievement
  • Convincing communication as a manager
  • Creation of an appreciative discussion atmosphere
  • Communication techniques for everyday management
  • Praise for employee motivation
  • Conducting critical discussions in a professional manner
  • Communicate decisions competently
  • Living the feedback culture


Our seminars are primarily workshops in which we work together on topics station by station. We think interactively, develop our seminars in a modular way and give participants an orientation for the joint work right at the beginning. From opening to closing, we create spaces for experience and learning and apply the best method for each action in order to better reflect on and optimise personal habits and behaviour. In the dialogue with a qualified coach, solution strategies are developed, experiences and experiences are questioned and made conscious.

Involvement and empowerment of the participants is what makes our seminars special.


  • Two weeks before the start of the training, you will receive an invitation to the face-to-face seminar, including directions, times and contact details.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • Seminar times are indicated in the booking!
  • The seminar price includes the seminar with an experienced trainer, seminar documents, drinks and snacks, lunch together and the certificate of participation.