Diversity and Inclusion – Leading and fostering diversity

Today, it is generally quite normal for a large number of companies to make a conscious decision in favour of diversity. International cooperation, demographic change, women in leadership positions and individuality also in the workplace – professional and private conditions have changed and demand tolerance and respect for our diverse society. But what does diversity actually mean? What advantages does diversity offer companies? And how can managers promote this diversity step by step and establish it as a fixed part of the company values? Participants will find out in this e-learning.


Leaders who lead diverse teams Leaders who want to be role models in the company Leaders who want to use diversity in the company

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  • Living openness
  • Acting prudently
  • Managing teams
  • Acting with fairness and integrity
  • Being a role model
  • Valuing diversity


  • Understand why diversity is becoming more and more important in companies
  • To recognise diversity as a resource and success factor
  • Know and understand the different dimensions of diversity
  • Understand diversity management as a holistic strategy
  • To recognise and promote existing diversity in the team as well as individual potentials


Our webinars are structured in thematic stations and 100% interactive. Besides short impulses from the trainers, the trainers guide the participants through the stations and work on concrete topics of the participants. Involvement and empowerment are the basis of our webinars.