Energy and lightness – with joy through the day

In our one-day workshop you will get to know yourself better. You will learn how to use positive stress in your everyday life and understand why you sometimes feel so stressed and how you can reduce negative stress to a minimum. The most important thing in this workshop: You will find ways and possibilities how to live your everyday life in balance. We will find answers to the question of how to use your energy and just as important, how to really relax, recharge and enjoy your everyday life. The workshop supports you in achieving sustainable, healthy peak performance in your everyday life and in being full of lightness and serenity. The pivotal point here is your own thoughts: „What do I have to think about a situation so that it can stress me out in the first place? Stress management can be fun, it can be easy and it can become a new way of life. It should be a way that feels good and brings more serenity into everyday life.

Our workshop is based on psychological insights, such as: Positive Psychology, Salutogenesis, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and multimodal stress management.

Ziele und Zielgruppe

The workshop is aimed at employees at all levels who want to remain permanently productive despite high demands and live more successfully with an appropriate attitude.

The aim of our workshop is for you to understand that stress can also be invigorating in a fulfilling way and thus be understood as an engine of success. Thus, we also aim to make clear to you the difference between positive and negative stress.

Seminars and Webinars in English Jetzt Buchen


Stress resistance

  • Dealing positively with stressful situations
  • Preventing negative stress from arising in the first place


  • Feeling light and relaxed in everyday life
  • permanent implementation of a basic serenity in life

joy of life

  • having more fun in life
  • living needs and values
  • enjoying life to the full again


Our seminars are primarily workshops in which we work together on topics station by station. We think interactively, develop our seminars in a modular way and give participants an orientation for the joint work right at the beginning. From opening to closing, we create spaces for experience and learning and apply the best method for each action in order to better reflect on and optimise personal habits and behaviour. In the dialogue with a qualified coach, solution strategies are developed, experiences and experiences are questioned and made conscious.

Involvement and empowerment of the participants is what makes our seminars special.


  • Two weeks before the start of the training, you will receive an invitation to the face-to-face seminar, including directions, times and contact details.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • Seminar times are indicated in the booking!
  • The seminar price includes the seminar with an experienced trainer, seminar documents, drinks and snacks, lunch together and the certificate of participation.