Inspire through good presentations

In our seminar “Inspire through good presentations” you will receive comprehensive impulses on how to inspire your audience with an excellent presentation and convince your audience. In addition, you will learn how to plan, structure and prepare your presentations optimally. In addition, you will develop and train the success factors for a convincing presentation and you will apply various presentation techniques directly in numerous interactions during the seminar.

After this seminar you will know how to find sparkling ideas and how to communicate your topics confidently – and how to inspire your audience. The training consists of 2 intensive training days. During this time, we work together to develop and train success factors for your convincing presentation. You can try out new insights directly in practical exercises. Through constructive feedback and immediate implementation of your personal ideal variant, you will gain confidence and remain authentic in your effect.

Ziele und Zielgruppe

The class is aimed at employees and managers who want to present and convince effectively in front of both internal and external audiences.

This class supports participants in appearing, presenting and speaking more freely, confidently and self-assuredly in the future. They learn to inspire their audience and convince them about their ideas.

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Preparation of a presentation

  • General conditions
  • Optimal preparation of a presentation
  • Content preparation: generating and producing ideas
  • From ideas to messages
  • Creating dynamics through contrasts in content

The own person

  • Dealing with stage fright and blackouts
  • Making a positive impact
  • Consciously avoiding impact killers
  • radiate security and competence with a free speech
  • Active contact with the audience
  • Correct use of speech and body language
  • develop an own and distinctive style of presentation

Structure of a presentation

  • Basic structure of a good presentation
  • Structure of voltage arcs
  • Techniques and methods for structuring content

Presentation techniques

  • Use successful techniques from advertising for presentations
  • The N.E.U.R.O. Principle
  • Create storyboards – virtual and hands-on
  • Storytelling
  • Pecha Kucha

Dealing with the public

  • Competent handling of critical listeners and intermediate questions
  • Handle objections, resistance and conflicts with confidence
  • Activate and motivate the listeners


Our seminars are primarily workshops in which we work together on topics station by station. We think interactively, develop our seminars in a modular way and give participants an orientation for the joint work right at the beginning. From opening to closing, we create spaces for experience and learning and apply the best method for each action in order to better reflect on and optimise personal habits and behaviour. In the dialogue with a qualified coach, solution strategies are developed, experiences and experiences are questioned and made conscious.

Involvement and empowerment of the participants is what makes our seminars special.


  • Two weeks before the start of the training, you will receive an invitation to the face-to-face seminar, including directions, times and contact details.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • Seminar times are indicated in the booking!
  • The seminar price includes the seminar with an experienced trainer, seminar documents, drinks and snacks, lunch together and the certificate of participation.