Leading from a distance

In our class “Leading from a distance” you will receive comprehensive impulses on how you as a manager can set clear communication rules in order to successfully coordinate virtual teams. In addition, you will learn how to set up virtual teams and how to lead them confidently using different media. Furthermore, we will jointly identify the success factors of virtual leadership and, above all, the possibilities of making optimum use of them. As a manager, you will also learn how to recognize individual and group dynamic processes in your team and how to influence them from a distance. Because virtual teamwork requires more communication than classical teamwork – and a competent handling of all modern media.

You and your team members work at different locations, sometimes in your home office, in different countries and time zones – which is a great challenge. You would like to reduce this local or temporal distance through good virtual leadership using good communication and targeted use of modern media.

Ziele und Zielgruppe

Managers, team leaders, project managers and all those who work with remote teams and want to develop them.

The aim of the class is to provide managers with methods and tools to successfully and efficiently lead employees and teams across spatial distances. Even a virtual team should grow together and be successful as a team.

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Features of the virtual Leadership

  • Special features of guiding at a distance
  • Insight into the VUCA world
  • Awareness of the role of the manager in virtual space
  • Effects on New Leadership

Virtual collaboration

  • Different forms of virtual collaboration
  • Develop virtual teams and build trust
  • Success factors of virtual collaboration

Use of media

  • Successful use of different communication media
  • Use asynchronous and synchronous paths of communication sensibly
  • Conduct virtual meetings and moderation

Communication strategies in virtual work

  • Successfully mastering challenges in virtual communication
  • Ensure transparent exchange of information
  • Introduce clear rules and agreements
  • Successfully conduct virtual appraisal interviews
  • Motivating employees from a distance
  • Solving conflicts and promoting a feedback culture
  • Perform effective work control


Our seminars are primarily workshops in which we work together on topics station by station. We think interactively, develop our seminars in a modular way and give participants an orientation for the joint work right at the beginning. From opening to closing, we create spaces for experience and learning and apply the best method for each action in order to better reflect on and optimise personal habits and behaviour. In the dialogue with a qualified coach, solution strategies are developed, experiences and experiences are questioned and made conscious.

Involvement and empowerment of the participants is what makes our seminars special.


  • Two weeks before the start of the training, you will receive an invitation to the face-to-face seminar, including directions, times and contact details.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • Seminar times are indicated in the booking!
  • The seminar price includes the seminar with an experienced trainer, seminar documents, drinks and snacks, lunch together and the certificate of participation.