Scrum – an overview

In this webinar we will show the background and the development of Scrum. With this, we want to enable the participants to classify and understand Scrum. The focus is on the basics of Scrum as described by Jeff Sutherland in his book „The Scrum Revolution“. The references to the Toyota principle and the Plan-Do-Check-Act method show that Scrum had a broader horizon than software development from the beginning. In addition, the essential features of Scrum are described: working in teams, focused work and the division into product owner, Scrum master and team. Participants also learn what the basic organisation of a project looks like according to Scrum. The webinar brings all participants to a high level of knowledge about Scrum.


Employees of all hierarchy levels who are to work in Scrum teams in the future, are interested in Scrum and/or are preparing for further training to become a product owner or Scrum master; project managers and sub-project managers who want to gain a sound overview of Scrum.

Seminars and Webinars in EnglishGesamtdauer: 3,5 hours Jetzt Buchen


– Analyse situations

– Acting in a customer-oriented way

– Strengthen adaptability

– Continuously optimise


  • Know what Scrum is
  • To be able to classify and assess Scrum as an approach
  • know the Scrum roles
  • know the basic elements of Scrum
  • Be able to work productively in a Scrum team


Our webinars are structured in thematic stations and 100% interactive. Besides short impulses from the trainers, the trainers guide the participants through the stations and work on concrete topics of the participants. Involvement and empowerment are the basis of our webinars.