Seminar: Time management – getting through the day more efficiently

Do you often feel trapped in the hamster wheel? With our Power Workshop, we’ll turn you into a time hero! Learn how to stay in control in our hyper-connected world without working overtime. Put an end to the distraction jungle: achieve more, work less! Yes, it is possible.

Ziele und Zielgruppe

Are you a Busy Bee or a perceived time juggler? Then this seminar is for you!

We’ll turn your time management into a gamechanger experience! More focus, more results, more free time. Our strategies and tools make it possible.

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Time Management Reloaded:

  • Decision making: who or what is important?
  • Urgent vs. Important: Mastering Prioritization

Action Boost:

  • Deadline pressure adé: Strategies for more air
  • Identifying and unmasking „time thieves

Next-Level Planning:

  • Time-boxing & time-blocking: your time, your rules!
  • Organize activities in a meaningful way

Task Management:

  • Complex tasks made easy
  • How to keep a cool head under high pressure

Your personal time compass:

  • Keeping an eye on professional and personal goals
  • Weekly and daily planning in the 21st century


Experience transformation at riebeaux! Our workshops are more than just training; they are your ticket to inspiring journeys of discovery. With a clear, modular structure, we take you from aha moment to aha moment, with each step designed to be captivating. We masterfully combine theory and practice, selecting the best method for each challenge and placing great emphasis on individual development.

The real highlight? Our intensive coaching sessions with experts, where you gain deep insights and develop completely. With us, you are the star! Because we know: Workshops shine when participants shine and grow


  • Invitation: Two weeks before the start you will receive all the important information on how to get there, times and contacts.
  • Participants: We focus on intensity, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants per seminar.
  • Times: These can be found in your booking confirmation.
  • Included in the price:
    • Instruction by experienced trainers.
    • Seminar materials for in-depth learning.
    • Drinks, snacks and lunch.
    • Your certificate of participation.