Seminar: The basics of conducting a conversation

Good conversations are both an art and a skill. You don’t just want to talk, but also to be understood? In our seminar you will sharpen your communication skills, learn to steer conversations effectively and create an atmosphere of mutual understanding. Become a master in dialog!

Ziele und Zielgruppe

Ideal for professionals, executives, and anyone who wants to master the art of impressive conversation.

Sharpening your communication style. Confidence in conversations, even in challenging moments. Efficient techniques for successful dialogues.

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Preparing for conversations

  • Getting mentally into the right position
  • Set clear goals: What do you want to achieve?
  • The basics for a successful exchange

Conversation dynamics

  • Controlling and structuring the dialog
  • The power of targeted questions
  • Active listening and effective messaging

The heart of a successful conversation

  • Creating an appreciative atmosphere
  • Understanding the wishes and goals of the other person
  • Encouraging cooperation and avoiding confrontation
  • Self-reflection and analysis of your communication
  • Emotional control and behavioral adjustment


Experience transformation at riebeaux! Our workshops are more than just training; they are your ticket to inspiring journeys of discovery. With a clear, modular structure, we take you from aha moment to aha moment, with each step designed to be captivating. We masterfully combine theory and practice, selecting the best method for each challenge and placing great emphasis on individual development.

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  • Invitation: Two weeks before the start you will receive all the important information on how to get there, times and contacts.
  • Participants: We focus on intensity, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants per seminar.
  • Times: These can be found in your booking confirmation.
  • Included in the price:
    • Instruction by experienced trainers.
    • Seminar materials for in-depth learning.
    • Drinks, snacks and lunch.
    • Your certificate of participation.