Webinar: Designing Effective Trainings

Transform your knowledge into impactful training sessions! Learn the art of effective planning, goal-setting, and content creation in this dynamic webinar.


Corporate Trainers, Knowledge Brokers, Employee Development Managers

Seminars and Webinars in EnglishGesamtdauer: 3,5 hours Jetzt Buchen


  • Situation Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Material Creation


  • Master the art of effective briefings
  • Analyze attendee needs for targeted training
  • Clarify and set achievable training objectives
  • Master content creation techniques
  • Understand key organizational requirements


Say goodbye to boring, lecture-style webinars! Our sessions are action-packed and hyper-interactive. Alongside quick, powerful insights from our trainers, you’ll get personalized guidance through real-world scenarios. Participation isn’t just encouraged—it’s essential.