Webinar: Online negotiations with clients

„Ever felt online negotiations are trickier than face-to-face? Say no more! Join ‚Win the Screen‘ and learn the art of connecting digitally, wowing clients, and sealing the deal—all from the comfort of your screen. Boost your confidence, manage challenges, and emerge a pro!“


Digital Negotiators: Sales Managers, Key Accounts & Remote Teams

Seminars and Webinars in EnglishGesamtdauer: 3,5 hours Jetzt Buchen


  • Client Focus,
  • Convincing Presentation,
  • Assertiveness,
  • Coordination


  • Master the art of digital rapport-building
  • Prep like a pro for client-centric online talks
  • Ace your virtual communication and presentation
  • Handle tricky scenarios like a seasoned negotiator


Say goodbye to boring, lecture-style webinars! Our sessions are action-packed and hyper-interactive. Alongside quick, powerful insights from our trainers, you’ll get personalized guidance through real-world scenarios. Participation isn’t just encouraged—it’s essential.