Webinar: Winning at Negotiations

Unlock the power of savvy negotiating! No more winging it; prepare like a pro. Dive into key strategies like BATNA and ZOPA, and tackle even the toughest negotiators. This isn’t just another webinar—it’s your playbook for negotiation victory.


Employees in customer-facing roles, supply chain, and partnership negotiations.

Seminars and Webinars in EnglishGesamtdauer: 3,5 hours Jetzt Buchen



  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Results-Focused
  • Confidence in Action


  • Master cooperative negotiation techniques
  • Prep strategically for high-stakes talks
  • Unveil the „science“ of negotiation
  • Engineer a winning negotiation strategy
  • Craft win-win outcomes
  • Ace argumentation and questioning


Say goodbye to boring, lecture-style webinars! Our sessions are action-packed and hyper-interactive. Alongside quick, powerful insights from our trainers, you’ll get personalized guidance through real-world scenarios. Participation isn’t just encouraged—it’s essential.